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About Us

Jamierocks is a fast growing wholesale fashion jewelry company. We offer a variety of items including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

"I have been fascinated by fashion since I was a little girl, and this passion has driven me to study and work in the field my whole life. After an undergraduate degree majoring in Art, I started working at Korea's largest high end fashion company, where I worked as a designer. After a Masters at Goldsmiths in London and work supplying the large High Street fashion retailers, I founded Jamierocks.

I am proud of the depth of relationships that Jamierocks has cultivated with partners and manufacturers across the globe, from the US to Europe and (crucially) Asia. This depth allows us to bring our clients the highest quality product at exceptional prices. Since I produce and curate every item in the collection personally, I hope that you like it and find that each new collection brings with it the latest trends of the season."

- Jamie Park   

Our Vision

Our vision is to create exceptional value fashion jewellery, while building long term relationships with our partners and customers.